All childcare services have a responsibility to promote good health and nutrition for children in their care. Children need regular healthy meals, snacks and drinks and to enjoy positive mealtime experiences.

Our meals are prepared on-site by our qualified chef who uses tasty, wholesome and nutritional ingredients to keep active, hungry tummies satisfied. We offer a variety of foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish, lean meat, chicken, fish, milks, yoghurts and cheeses, including a range of textures and tastes that are appropriate to the developmental stages of different age groups. Our meals are always interesting and a lot more gourmet than you’d find at your local café!

We also encourage the drinking of water throughout the day, to aid the health and hydration of the children, especially in those Summer months, whilst providing menus that conform not only to the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority(ACECQA) but also to the Australian Dietary Guidelines for children.